Patch Notes 2.23


Free Update

  • Four new obtainable Predator trophies

    • Broken Ancient Sword

    • Indonesian Kris Dagger

    • Gold Medal

    • Unidentified Alien Skull

  • Platinum (Level 100) and Golden (Level 150) Shaders now unlockable for the Elder and Alpha Predator

  • City Hunter Rebreather Mask now unlockable (was previously early access)


  • Fixed several exploit locations on the Headquarters map

  • Fixed an issue with one of the intro cinematics on the Headquarters map

  • Fixed an issue where certain O.W.L.F. tapes were unable to be played in certain languages


  • General

    • Isabelle’s downed limit increased to 3 (from 2)

    • Fixed an issue with Isabelle’s VO while falling

    • Isabelle’s head is now the proper size when playing in Big Head Mode

    • Isabelle’s stats are now displayed properly in the customization menu

    • Fixed an issue where the incorrect subtitles were being displayed for Isabelle

    • Fixed an issue where Last Man Standing would not trigger if the other Fireteam members are kicked from being idled

  • Weapons

    • NRV-E

      • Fixed an issue where the NRV-E sniper rifle had shaders that were incorrectly locked

    • Plasma Rifle Prototype

      • Fixed an issue where several shader’s for the Plasma Rifle Prototype were missing


  • General

    • Fixed an issue where the Viking and Valkyrie Predator exclusive armor and skin tints were not being granted properly

    • Fixed an issue where the City Hunter Predator was not properly playing certain audio

    • Fixed an issue where the Predlocks would behave incorrectly when turning the Frame Cap option off

  • Weapons

    • Combistick

      • Fixed an issue where the Combistick could sometimes become permanently stuck in a tree

    • Katana

      • Fixed an issue where a Predator could stack damage with the Katana by alternating between attack types

    • Smart Disc

      • Fixed an issue where the Smart Disc would sometimes cause the Predator player to lose input