Patch Notes 2.25

PHG 2.25

Paid DLC


  • New playable Predator -Cleopatra

  • Early Access to the new Predator weapon Skin -Ancient Disc

Free Update

  • Fireteam bots are now available in Hunt!

    • Support role throwing ammo and health packs.

    • Revive downed players

    • Players have the ability to take over Fireteam bots if killed.

  • New Collectibles - Isabelle Tapes (Unlock at level 1, 10, 20, 40)

  • NRV-E (Sniper Rifle)is now available atLevel 100

  • Added Platinum & Golden Armor Styles for the Elder Predator, Jungle Hunter 87 and Alpha Predator

  • Added PS and Epic exclusive tints for Valkyrie


  • Fixed an exploit spot on Headquarters map.

  • Fixed several collision issues in the Headquarter map.

  • Updated audio for the Headquarters map.

  • Fixed cosmetics not displaying correctly when being granted from a field locker.

  • Guerrilla Mercenaries will now use Flashbang grenades.

  • Several cosmetics issues have been fixed.


  • Fixed a stamina issue for Host on private Clash matches.

  • Fixed floating spawns and added additional respawn points in Headquarters clash map.

  • Fixed missing audio for the Airstrip map.


  • General

    • Fixed an issue where Fireteam members continue to go through the muddy up animation even after cancelling the interaction

    • Fixed an issue where Isabelle head would not appear incorrectly in big head mode.

    • Fixed an issue with Comms specialization not behaving as intended.


  • General

    • Fixed an issue with the Requiem and Paroxysm armor styles for the Hunter Predator that caused the armor styles to be level locked instead of purchasable.