Patch Notes 2.32

Patch Notes 2.32

Paid DLC

  • Hunting Party DLC Pack

    • New Playable Predator -Captured

    • New Playable Predator -Falconer

    • New Playable Predator -Mr. Black

      • Includes the unlockable “Mr. Black” Predator Mask

Free Update

  • Predator Weapon Skin -Hook(War Club) is now available atLevel 95

  • New unlockable customization option for Predators -Scar

    • Now you can customize your Predator masks to show off your battle scars you’ve obtained from fighting the Fireteam!


  • Various crash fixes

  • Rearranged the Main Menu to prevent the Matchmaking text from overlapping over the Challenges

  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes be unable to accept an invite to a private match or lobby

  • Fixed an issue where certain optional objectives would sometimes spawn under the map

  • Fixed an issue where the helicopter exfil ropes would spawn under the map in Backwater

  • Fixed an issue with the mission “Boat Tracking” in Backwater where the kill markers were not working as intended

  • Fixed a low ceiling in the Headquarters Night map that was preventing the Predator from leaping and accessing Predkour in certain areas

  • Fixed an issue where certain explosive barrels were not being cleaned up after exploding

  • Fixed an exploit spot in Airstrip (Night)


  • General

    • Fixed and issue where Fireteam players that switched weapons or used their gear after muddying up would immediately become more visible to the Predator


  • General

    • Adjusted the brightness when Vision Mode/Target Isolation in Night Maps

    • Added text to show the unlock level for Predator Trophies in the Customization Menu

    • Fixed an issue where custom key bindings could cause the Predator’s “Self Destruct” prompt to show the incorrect key binding while the Predator is downed

  • Weapons

    • Plasma Caster

      • Fixed an issue that occurred with the camera when repeatedly firing the Plasma Caster